About the Artist

Artistic abilities are many with Cynthia – from painting to music, dance, and landscaping. As a child, she explored painting with many mediums. Her latest work is in oil painting, but she also enjoys painting with acrylics and drawing with charcoal and ink.  Her inspiration comes from her Father, Bernard Ward, who was also very creative. Other Artists who have given her inspiration for her paintings include Henri Rousseau, Leonardo Da Vinci, Claude Monet, Andrew Wyeth and Jack Vettriano.  She was a student of Jerry Goodnight, Raney Rogers and most recently Daniel Edmondson.

Cynthia’s style of painting is realism with a focus on selecting and composing a slice of reality with richness. ‘I like images that make you feel like you have captured a moment of warmth and happiness. We pass up the simple things in life so many times when beauty is all around us in wonderful shapes and sizes and twirls of color’. Her paintings have been sold through local art councils, friends and family and by commission. She paints original designs for hand painted wall paper and unusual murals on glass and mirror. With immense driving curiosity, she has learned through exposure to classical artists and through online courses, books and workshops. She has taken still life and landscaping courses from Daniel Edmondson and is currently a member of the Daniel Edmondson ‘Art Masters Program’ of Still Life and Landscape Painting.

Cynthia is a native and resident of western North Carolina and lives in the beautiful mountains of Ashe County with her wonderful husband, John. The surrounding beauty of the land has inspired many of her paintings. Her landscaping talents flourish throughout the properties she and John own. She has a beautiful daughter, Heather, who graduated from UNC Wilmington and is employed as a Systems Administrator in Wilmington, NC.

Her work is displayed in the ‘Ashe Custom Framing and Gallery’ in West Jefferson, NC and in private collections throughout North Carolina.

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